Why Electroneum?
With over 2 Million registered users, Electroneum (ETN) is the worlds largest Mobile Cryptocurrency. It is designed for Mass Adoption through the efforts that have been made by ETN where there are several signed agreements with Global mobile operating networks. Electroneum will provide a Digital Payment Solution for the developing world, enabling a new 3 Trillion dollar market.

Quorra Merch (J Shephard, LLC) believes strongly in the goals and core values of the Electroneum brand. There is no other Community that we would be more pleased to be apart of.

With a Mobile App on Android and soon to be on Apple devices, you can Mobile Mine (Cloud Mine on Apple) Electroneum for free. This ETN can then be used to assist you in purchasing goods or services from Vendors across the world accepting ETN as well as paying your Mobile Phone bill, if your Carrier has made a Partnership with Electroneum.


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                                                                        Who are the "Unbanked"?
There are 1.7 Billion people across the world that make so little, that they do not even have a bank account. Out of these 1.7 Billion, there are 325 Million Unbanked that have a Smart Phone. They can register and download the Electroneum App and Mobile or Cloud Mine ETN to make around $3-4 extra per month for Free. Now, this may not sound like a lot to the Western World, but for these people, it's like making double the paycheck per month. They will then be able to help spread and circulate ETN at their local vendors and shops. Business owners in these Unbanked areas can also download the app, and this will allow them to make a little extra as well, allowing them to purchase new equipment that they could not afford before or to even expand their business.

                                                                                How do I join?
You can register at
electroneum.com and after that you can download the Electroneum App, currently available on Android here, and soon on Apple devices. For a Mining Bonus, go to More > Referral Program and enter code AC5A66

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